Best-Strategy Invitational

The Best-Strategy Invitational (BSI) is a global competition among high-performing GLO-BUS companies from around the world. Hosted and administered by the GLO-BUS author team, the BSI is held over a two-week period each May, August, and December. Any student-team finishing in 1st place in the GLO-BUS simulation exercise conducted at their school, college, or university will receive an invitation to participate in the BSI. All proceeds from the $US 5.00 registration fee paid by each participant are donated to The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF (

December 2010 BSI

A total of 231 teams from around the world were invited to compete in the December 2010 BSI, and 34 teams accepted the invitation. They were separated into 3 different simulation industries, each competing for a BSI Grand Championship:

Company School (Instructor)
Score 1
Score 2
Score 3
A merican ResolutionA merican Resolution Team Members:
Brandon Akey
Ashland University (Michael Colburn) 116 97 107
K aching!!K aching!! Team Members:
Renee Ngan
University of Technology - Sydney (Stuart Nettleton) 115 94 105
G Digitech IncG Digitech Inc Team Members:
Jass Chew
Wayne Lim
Yaoguo Lun
David Ng
Singapore Management University (Adel Dimian) 114 92 103
L CompanyL Company Team Members:
Fred Tudor
Xavier University (Daewoo Park) 99 77 88
C AmericamC Americam Team Members:
Sang Nguyen
Michael Palmer
Oklahoma City University (Carol Howard) 89 67 78
I mperial CameraI mperial Camera Team Members:
Johnathon Pearce
MacEwan University (Mark Arnison) 76 55 66
J ust DigitalJ ust Digital Team Members:
Wesley Hales
Capella University (Tony Pizur) 75 53 64
D Akon DigitalD Akon Digital Team Members:
Lynette Livingston
James Parsons
Jennifer Pelletier
Timothy Williford
University of South Florida - St. Petersburg (Velma McCuiston) 75 53 64
F onzieF onzie Team Members:
James Hawks
National American University (Robert Collins) 51 38 45
E Chameleon CamerasE Chameleon Cameras Team Members:
Khary Hughes
Ryerson University (Mike Manjuris) 43 33 38
Company School (Instructor)
Score 1
Score 2
Score 3
G EFPG EFP Team Members:
Dirk Engelbert
Daniel Fernandes
Michael Palamara
University of Technology - Sydney (Stuart Nettleton) 119 99 109
E Lens and Shutters E Lens and Shutters Team Members:
Adam Auwae
Douglas Baskett
Eastern Oregon University (Laurie Yates) 116 83 100
A A Team Members:
Anh Vu
University of Houston - Clear Lake (Troy Voelker) 114 75 95
I llusionsI llusions Team Members:
Justin Thompson
Xavier University (Daewoo Park) 98 62 80
K ool ShotsK ool Shots Team Members:
Anthony Rossini
Robert Morris University of Illinois (Raman Patel) 80 51 66
B ionicB ionic Team Members:
Luis Chavez
Oklahoma City University (Carol Howard) 79 51 65
D eep PocketsD eep Pockets Team Members:
Steve Gebauer
Capella University (Scott Yorkovich) 64 44 54
H Team Numero UnoH Team Numero Uno Team Members:
Jeff Koerber
St. Cloud State University (James Weber) 64 44 54
C ant give up!C ant give up! Team Members:
Melissa Borucki
Zachary Kosojet
University of Maryland University College (Elizabeth Litwin) 44 29 37
Company School (Instructor)
Score 1
Score 2
Score 3
E xcelleration CorpE xcelleration Corp Team Members:
Andrew Wu
University of Technology - Sydney (Stuart Nettleton) 119 99 109
C obalt Films SgC obalt Films Sg Team Members:
Cheong Guan Ik
National University of Singapore (Nitin Pangarkar) 114 91 103
D CompanyD Company Team Members:
Larry Mattern
Molly Scalamonti
Rollins College (Theodore Herbert) 113 85 99
F ortune CamsF ortune Cams Team Members:
Scott Barron
North Georgia College & State University ( Burns/Gabriel) 109 78 94
B obby RIcky CamerasB obby RIcky Cameras Team Members:
Adam York
Midwestern State University (Robert Forrester) 102 71 87
I Eye BridgeI Eye Bridge Team Members:
Alex Anderson
Nick Kanka
Robert Morris University of Illinois (Raman Patel) 90 60 75
H CompanyH Company Team Members:
Scott Thomson
Buena Vista University (Kevin Kuznia) 77 53 65
A Angels IncA Angels Inc Team Members:
Anita Davenport
Cornerstone University (Robert Simpson) 39 28 34
J CompanyJ Company Team Members:
Joseph Kanewske
Rajalakshmi Krishnan
Minh Ha Nguyen
Ernest Sands
University of Houston - Clear Lake (Troy Voelker) 14 10 12
K otter-Welcome BackK otter-Welcome Back Team Members:
Morgan Simpson
University of Nevada - Reno (Rafik Beekun) 8 6 7

1 Overall (game-to-date) Investor Expectation score.
2 Overall (game-to-date) Best-In-Industry score.
3 Combined Investor Expectation and Best-In-Industry scores based on 50%-50% weighting