Best-Strategy Invitational

The Best-Strategy Invitational (BSI) is a global competition among high-performing GLO-BUS companies from around the world. Hosted and administered by the GLO-BUS author team, the BSI is held over a two-week period each May, August, and December. Any student-team finishing in 1st place in the GLO-BUS simulation exercise conducted at their school, college, or university will receive an invitation to participate in the BSI. All proceeds from the $US 5.00 registration fee paid by each participant are donated to The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF (

December 2010 BSI

A total of 231 teams from around the world were invited to compete in the December 2010 BSI, and 34 teams accepted the invitation. They were separated into 0 different simulation industries, each competing for a BSI Grand Championship:

1 Overall (game-to-date) Investor Expectation score.
2 Overall (game-to-date) Best-In-Industry score.
3 Combined Investor Expectation and Best-In-Industry scores based on 50%-50% weighting